Candidate and Campaign Event Planning


Events are an integral component to any successful political campaign, reinforcing your candidate’s brand identity, brand positioning, brand awareness and overall brand proposition.


With more than 25 years of event planning experience, our team not only understands the millions of components required to execute a successful event, but also PAC regulations, ensuring rules are always followed.


“Bonnie and her team produced and transformed our Cruz for President campaign investor retreats into unique experiences, and through these events, our investors really felt and understood the campaign brand and themes. She was able to create events with equal parts purpose, inspiration and fun, and her thoughtfulness, consistency, and attention to detail and true understanding of these strategic events created incredible experiences. In fact, our investors talked about these events often in relationship to the culture of our campaign, and were anxious to partake in, again and again.”


Lauren Lofstrom

National Finance Director, United States Senator Ted Cruz, Texas

 Types of Events


  • Candidate Events


  • Campaign Events


  • Campaign Launch Events


  • Donor Retreats


  • Town Halls


  • Rallies


  • PAC Events

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