The political arena is a muddle of candidates, policies and competing sound bites. It’s a race to be heard. To gain momentum. To win.


Brand Strategist Bonnie Siegel brings her experience and knowledge to life in a three-part training session, Framework for Success.


Through three personalized, comprehensive and interactive sessions, Siegel immerses you and your campaign team into the political branding process, teaching the fundamentals of branding and working together to better understand your candidate’s unique brand, creating strategies to bring that brand to life and to market.


Prior to these sessions, Siegel and her team review and research your candidate’s current assets, material, public presence, and data and polling information, providing valuable insight designed to help you identify a strong political brand identity.


The Framework for Success is a two-day seminar designed to teach you and your team to identify and build your candidate’s political brand identity. For larger campaigns, PoliticalBranding Associates can also be retained for white glove brand identity services, providing dedicated, one-on-one consulting to you and your team covering  every aspect of your messaging, media development, website and voter communication.

Session One

Branding 101: The Language That Defines Political Branding


Branding 101 is a thorough and informative introduction to branding and brand terminology, as well as an exploration of real-life scenarios, analyzing successful and unsuccessful campaigns – all while keeping your candidate’s brand top-of-mind.


Session Two

Understanding and Building Your Candidate’s Brand


This session dissects the actual components that make your brand unique – that make your brand, “you”. Siegel explains why being true to your brand drives results, develops strong campaign team alignment, and shines a spotlight on your campaign, leaving other candidates in the shadows.


Session Three

The “How-To” Strategies: Taking Your Brand to Market


Session Three guides you through the process of taking your brand public, as well as driving home the importance of having your candidate follow the brand strategy.


Borrowing from corporate America’s playbook, this session is key to developing a consistent strategy that will win voter recognition and confidence.


Through this process of discovery emphasis will be on resisting the temptation to broaden your brand’s scope or being something your candidate IS NOT. Focus on what your candidate IS.

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