Bonnie Siegel: Founder

In 2015, Bonnie Siegel became the first person to utilize and successfully implement a new strategy that inevitably changed the game in campaign management — political candidate branding — a crucial ingredient for a successful political campaign.


Bonnie works with political campaigns and teams, leading, guiding, melding, creating, implementing, managing and ultimately bringing to market, a candidate’s political brand identity.


Additionally, Bonnie is responsible for steering advance teams, overseeing and executing campaign and donor events, reviewing messaging, content and marketing material, and providing campaign merchandise consulting, further solidifying and strengthening a candidate’s brand consistency and identity.

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A well-known and respected brand strategist, Bonnie has more than 30 years experience bringing brands to market, dedicating her career to bringing brand strategy to life through consulting, teaching, coaching and mentoring executives and their teams.

In addition to PoliticalBranding Associates, Bonnie is also the founder and president of ASE Group, Inc. Founded in 1988, ASE Group, Inc. revolutionized the industry by creating event marketing, using the medium of meetings and events to see beyond the ordinary.

Rameka Sahadeo: Director, Operations & Events

Operations and Events Director Rameka Sahadeo plays an integral role in PoliticalBranding Associates, specializing in strategic planning, partner development, operations, event planning and client experience.


Since 2008, Rameka has worked with Bonnie at ASE Group, Inc., planning corporate events, supporting business development and creating new relationships with clients, ensuring a smooth transition between sales and operations.


In 2015, she assisted Bonnie in the Ted Cruz for President campaign, bringing her vast event planning and implementation experience to the table, integrating political brand identity seamlessly into Cruz’s many events, including VIP donor retreats and exclusive PAC events.

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Her thorough understanding of event planning combined with her perfect temperament – calm, cool, professional and friendly – make Rameka both valuable and irreplaceable to clients.