A Strong Political Brand…

  • Differentiates your candidate from the opposition


  • Creates a solid campaign roadmap to work with


  • Drives engaging content and messaging


  • Helps you use data and polling much more effectively


  • Raises significantly more campaign dollars


  • Greatly improves brand recognition and brand awareness


  • Enhances donor engagement and volunteer support

Your Candidate, Your Product


Branding is much more than a logo, colors and a pretty website – it’s the overall essence of what makes the candidate different. More importantly, your candidate’s logo, colors, website, messaging, events, advance teams, and all content should be created AFTER you solidify candidate brand identity.


Like any strong corporate brand, for example, Apple® and Amazon®, candidates need a strong brand identity to differentiate them from their opponents. Borrowing from a corporate playbook, we teach you and your team to successfully bring your candidate to market, building a winning, superior campaign.

“Successful campaigns communicate that ‘thing’ that is unique to the candidate and meets the needs and desires of a majority coalition. Yet it’s not enough. The brand must be omnipresent across all channels.

Few political professionals understand the difference between issue positions and a unique brand. Bonnie does. And with her help, so will you.”

Jason Johnson

Founder, J2Strategies

“Bonnie is an absolute force of nature! With an iron will she brings people and perspectives together to synthesize truly compelling brand visions. Her driving force behind a fundamentally important brand exercise was critical to our successful and award-winning website re-design for Senator Cruz’s presidential campaign. Serious campaigns would be smart to seek out Bonnie’s expertise.”


Kristen Luidhardt

President, The Prosper Group

Strategic Candidate Branding Identity


PoliticalBranding Associates specializes in results-driven, strategic, candidate and campaign branding identity, events and communications. We help identify and drive your candidate’s unique brand, delivering winning results, separating your candidate or political organization from the muddle of opposition and competing sound bites, and solidifying a strong presence your voters will remember.


Whether your candidate is new to the political arena or a seasoned politician, brand identity, brand positioning, brand awareness and an effective brand proposition play a key role in winning your race – from effective messaging to using data and polling information to your advantage – PoliticalBranding Associates helps you get there.

Let’s Talk Brand Identity


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